The Gamification of Medicine Adherence


Designed in response to an independent class project.

Guiding principle: “How might we create experiences that help consumers manage their health adherence over time.”



Week 1 & 2: Qualitative and Quantitative research, Secondary research
Week 3: Research Analysis
Week 4: Sketching, Low Fidelity Wireframes
Week 5: Mid-Fidelity digital Wireframes
Week 6: High-Fidelity digital Wireframes
Week 7: High-Fidelity prototype with interaction, Presentation crafting and prep

Tools Used:

Conducted in-person interviews and user research using Google form surveys .
Designed wireframes and Hi-fidelity mockups using Sketch.
Created visual design assets and analysis artifacts in Adobe Illustrator
Produced final digital prototypes using Marvel.    

Research and Discovery

Secondary research using major search engines was conducted for broader understanding.
Qualitative and Quantitative research was conducted for a more specific understanding and uncovering the “hows” and “whys”.

A Google form survey was created and shared via my Facebook community to gain insight on the reasons for a lack of medicine adherence and ways to make a medication routine more enjoyable.
The Facebook community used as my information pool was made up of friends and family, spanning a large age and background range which allowed for the collection of many perspectives. 

Following the release of the survey, Facebook was also used to recruit participants for in-person and video call interviews to further understand current medication adherence procedures and challenges. 

(above) Quantitative Survey results from the Google Form survey question asking participants about the reasons for the lack of taking their medication as prescribed.


Following my research, I pulled out quotes, statements, and data as observations. I then grouped the observations and labeled the groups to create targeted insights, which I would then use to formulate some guiding principals also known as “how might we” questions. The guiding principles were then the starting point at which I was to start tackling the design problem. 

(above) Analysis activity to identify observations from research, craft insights from the patterns identified in the observations, and narrow down guiding principles using the “How might we…” format.


Final UI

The final design concept follows gamification principles to increase a user’s adherence to their medication regime. Day and Night are defined by the dark blue background for night-time and a light blue background for daytime. 

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