Paper Monuments

Artistic display of archived content


Created within a 6-week time frame as a project for the Fall 2020 class entitled Visual Principles for the Screen.

This site displays an archive of graphic posters from the Paper Monuments public art and history project. {} The main goal was to emphasize the location of the Paper Monument posters in New Orleans, LA.

Example posters from the Paper Monuments public art movement:

Project Timeline

Week 1: Narrow down a concept, collect content and began field research
Week 2: Sketching and wireframing
Week 3: Draft prototyping and usability testing
Week 4: Visual language development
Week 5: Digital design iterations 
Week 6: Finalize digital design and final prototype 

Paper Wireframes

Mid-Fidelity Iteration #1

Exploration with the grid structure, navigation menu, and the amount of information shown on the page. Feedback was given through peer groups during class time.

Mid-Fidelity Iteration #2

The second iteration explored the main color palette, interactions between the home screen and interior pages, as well as information filters that allow for different ways to view the poster data. Feedback on these explorations was given through peer groups during class time similarly to iteration 1 and professor feedback.

Usability Testing


  • Think Aloud protocol
  • Zoom used as a method of communication
  • Figma used to show prototype via screen share
  • Interviews blocked for ~30 minutes  
  • Testing goals:
    • Get initial reactions to layout and visual style 
    • Understand if homepage navigation is easy to use
    • Test information architecture 
    • Valued information of audience

Key Insights:

  • Feedback: Clickable interactions within the map interface were not clear
    • Revision: create hover states for features to emphasize interaction capabilities
  • Feedback: Make the site’s purpose more clear and upfront
    • Revision: add site objective to site’s homepage with an option to view additional details
  • Feedback: Lacking Poster details when individual posters where to be viewed
    • Revision: add additional contextual information on poster detail pages, location, artist, and event history

Final Design

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